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Why choose us

Why choose Ecochipp

Ecochipp supply premium virgin woodchip and pellets. We are leaders in our field and our products provide a benchmark on quality and consistency. We specialise in producing top quality, cost-effective and clean-burning virgin wood chip that works in harmony with your biomass boiler.

Our virgin wood chip is the perfect mix of hard and soft woods, which gives it a high calorific value whilst keeping costs low. Our woodchip is super-efficient with a moisture content of 20-25%, it provides you with optimal heat output and a greater return on your biomass fuel investments. Our clean-burning fuel produces low ash residue and no clinker, meaning your boiler can continue to perform to its best and provide you with low maintenance costs and high RHI payments.

Quality & Sustainability

Our rigorous control measures ensure an optimal and quality product for our customers. We are certified by Woodsure and authorised suppliers on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), so you can be certain of both the sustainability and quality of our products. You can find out more about our quality control measures here. With Ecochipp, you can be certain of premium products at reasonable and sustainable prices.

Fuel Usage Reports

Ensure your RHI payments by ensuring you’re compliant. If your records are inaccurate or incomplete or your boiler’s been found to be burning fuel of an incorrect specification, Ofgem may remove you from the RHI scheme. Ecochipp can take the worry away with its RHI-compliant fuel and, for as long as you’re buying and burning exclusively from us, we can provide you with timely and accurate records for your Ofgem audit.

Your Way

We can produce woodchips to your exact requirements. Typically, we produce our chip to G50, with a moisture content of 20-25% as we have found this provides the optimal performance for the majority of boiler types. If, however, you have a preference over your chip sizes and moisture content, we will happily produce these for you.

Next Day Delivery

Unexpectedly running low with your supplies? Ecochipp’s large storage capacity and multi-drier facility means we have the supplies and capability to provide you with next day delivery on woodchip in an emergency.

Managed Fuel Delivery

Never run out! You can purchase fuel from us on an ad hoc basis, but if you have a contract with us, we can monitor your usage and schedule deliveries, ensuring you have a consistent and continuous fuel supply.

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